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Does Your Small Business Need Help With Customer Retention?

Customer retention is extremely important to a small business, because it keeps your customers coming back to buy more of your products or services, rather than forcing you to go out and find new customers. As almost any small business... Read More

Alternative Financing Options You Need to Know About

There are a great many possibilities for securing funding for small businesses through alternative financing, and if you haven’t been aware of these up to now, it may be worth your while to familiarize with some of them. Whenever you... Read More

Essential Facts About SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) does not actually extend loans itself to small businesses; instead it offers a guarantee to the lending institutions on behalf of an applicant, so the loan is much likelier to be approved by the lender.... Read More

Why Your Company Needs Invoice Factoring

Virtually all small businesses eventually find themselves in the position where cash flow has temporarily dried up, or where there is insufficient working capital to take advantage of business opportunities which might lead to longer-term growth. However, in most cases,... Read More