More than 80% of small businesses surveyed by the National Small Business Association (NSBA) are optimistic about the future, and more than half reported increased revenue in 2017. Tapping into business growth in 2018 can be achieved with these key tactics.

Develop a Startup Strategy

Take time to articulate your mission and vision, along with your long-term and short-term goals. Create an overview of your business landscape and decide how and when you’ll measure progress. Having a road map guiding your team, with the flexibility to modify direction, will keep you moving forward.

Monitor and Adjust to Trends 

2018 promises to be a year in which Millennials drive businesses to skip the gimmicks and focus on honest, simple transactions. Current trends benchmark your business plan and forecasted changes help you be more proactive about meeting customer expectations.

Connect with Customers

Becoming an industry leader means current and potential customers view you as a credible, reliable expert. Use in-bound and out-bound marketing to communicate with customers.

With smartphones in use by about 80% of consumers, it’s important to have a strong online strategy, using platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to complement your website and landing pages. Visual platforms like Instagram and Snapchat can easily deliver messages that tie-in with your overall communication plan.

Connecting with customers can be achieved with more than traditional advertising. Content like articles, whitepapers, and product demonstration videos, with relevant messages showing you understand customer problems and have solutions will also engage potential customers and build your business.

Focus Locally, but Look Globally

Taking care of your current customers is a top priority, but include a longer view of expanding your business into new regions, selling online, or even building an international presence. We compete in a global marketplace and planning how you’ll participate in the larger landscape is key to your business growth.

Growth Commercial Capital can help your business growth trajectory point upward. Talk with us to set a course for achieving your financial goals.