Many trends are just in vogue for a short time, while others hold their value in the long-term. It’s hard to know how business trends will affect your organization, but you should be aware of factors influencing the market and your customers.

Here are some business trends for 2019 that you may want to take into account as you plan for the future.

Customer Service Trends

In 2019, businesses will need to adapt to the modern consumer. Today’s customers want quick and seamless service, personalized to their needs. While technology is on trend, it cannot replace that human touch. Customers want authentic relationships, whether it’s with a behemoth company or a little mom-and-pop store. Don’t rely on algorithms to know your customers.


Blockchain is going to get bigger in 2019, according to David Wachsman, CEO and founder of Wachsman. IoT will make a bigger impact in business. More companies are building ethics into the algorithms that drive business decisions. Your business may need to invest in computer infrastructure to handle these applications.


It’s predicted that customers reviews will continue to influence customer purchases. You will have to ask customers to provide reviews for your company online, in many different forums. Marketing will have to be more personal. But technology will give you more sources of customer data to help you develop new strategies to reach customers. Voice search is coming into its own. SEO is shifting to long-tail search options.


Mobile banking is on the rise, and we should see an increase in digital banking. The bad news with that is that mobile cyberattacks will be on the rise, too. More companies are offering payment services, which could mean new regulations for the industry. Businesses will have to stay on top of the money trends to make sure they can accept payment methods.

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