Businesses cannot exist without customers. If it weren’t for the people who purchase your products or make use of your services, you’d have to close up shop. For this reason, customer service plays an integral role in company success. Here are some tips on customer service that will attract ongoing loyalty and repeat business.

Listen Carefully

One of the most crucial aspects of customer service is communication. When you are taking care of customers, give them undivided attention. Listen to what they have to say, and discern how they feel. Focus on meeting their spoken and unspoken needs. Be aware of not only their words, but also their body language and the tone of their voice. Have your body language convey your sympathy and sincerity. Use customer comments, suggestions, and criticism to improve your services.

Express Appreciation

Show your customers how much you value them by addressing them by name, complimenting them, and thanking them with sincerity. When they have questions, provide the answers, and when they make requests, do your utmost to acquiesce. Resolve not only to meet their needs, but to offer even better service than they expect. This involves providing a level of service they cannot find anywhere else, including expressing gratitude even when you don’t get a sale.

Nurture Employees

Your employees are the company’s face to the world. To encourage employees to offer customers respect and appreciation, be sure that you treat them the same way. Continually let them know how integral they are to the success of the business, and find ways to express your thanks to them.

Admit Mistakes

Although you always try to do your best, mistakes inevitably happen. When they do, apologize sincerely, and do your best to rectify errors. Make it easy for customers to point out shortcomings, and thank them for giving your company opportunities for improvement. Even if their complaints are unjustified, offer them gratitude for the communication.

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