For any employee who interacts with customers, customer service skills are a hugely important thing to master. Even those who aren’t customer-facing can benefit from gaining people skills, since few people work in a vacuum. During the hiring process, look for these 15 skills in interviewees, and encourage your current employees to practice them as well.


Sometimes, customers can be wrong, or not understand how to do something. In these situations, patience is paramount. Great service is more important than fast service; employees who are willing to take time for customers are valuable.

Real listening skills

That means undivided attention and being able to read between the lines to understand what a user wants and needs.


Great customer service staff are easy to understand and use language that can’t be misinterpreted. Clarity is key. Positivity is another excellent communication trait.

Product knowledge

Without having thorough knowledge of how your product or service works, an employee won’t be able to solve customers’ problems accurately. Hire employees who are willing to learn.

Time management

While, as in point #1, patience is important–so is efficiency. Interactions shouldn’t take an hour while other customers stack up in line.

Emotional intelligence

By being able to read customers’ expressions and body language, a support specialist can deduce how they’re feeling and tailor their approach accordingly.

Coolness under pressure

How will the employee fare when an irate customer is screaming at them or when multiple people are demanding attention? Look for employees who have a calming presence and won’t lose their tempers when pushed.


Support staff should be able to put themselves in a customer’s shoes and understand their frustrations and what they’re going through.

Willingness to learn

Anyone, in any career, has things they can still learn. Seek employees who are excited about constantly learning and improving! These are the ones you can promote later on as well.