The adage ‘work smarter, not harder’ is a good mantra for improving productivity. You need team members putting their efforts toward activities that grow your business and reducing the time spent on tasks that don’t improve your bottom line.

We’ve compiled a list of useful tips to build employee efficiency and effectiveness. These productivity tricks aren’t magic, but you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Create a healthy environment

The right lighting, a temperature not too hot or too cold and comfortable office chairs all contribute to the well-being of your staff. Productivity improves when people aren’t distracted by physical discomfort.

Communicate goals and expectations

Sharing the overall mission or purpose of your organization and folding it into daily routines points teams toward what’s most important to your business. Similarly, talking with individuals about the expectations you have for their role clarifies their direction. Knowing clearly what’s needed (and expected) tightens staff focus and productivity.

Teach prioritization and delegation

When goals are known, prioritization becomes easier. Teams concentrate more on activities that drive toward your goals. Giving increased responsibility through delegation (and encouraging your managers to delegate) fosters trust and provides opportunities to learn. Seeing your organization offer professional development to high achievers will boost productivity.

Equip staff with resources and success strategies

Making sure your team has the tools and equipment to do their jobs well improves efficiency. And talk with your team about using time management tactics, reducing distractions, and taking breaks to recharge. These strategies will help them be more successful and productive.

Support and appreciate each other

Everyone enjoys hearing ‘thank you’ for their contribution. Talking about successes and achievements lets team members know you see their work and value them for it. Individuals who are appreciated have higher productivity rates.

As your team becomes more productive, your business will improve. Contact Growth Commercial Capital for financing options to support your momentum.