Some bosses may think they’re the greatest if they bring in donuts once. Maybe they are, at least until the donuts are all eaten. But soon, you’re back to being just the boss, at least the boss who brought donuts once.

Better bosses know that donuts are only the beginning of methods that can help motivate your workforce. They also know that it can take more than one box of pastries to really start to build up loyalty.

Good motivation is vital, and really needs to be a constant focus, rather than something occasional. Though non-motivated employees will likely still show up most days, they won’t be as excited or as productive.

Consider these motivation tips great starting places:

Keep the praise coming in. One of the biggest motivation tips is make sure employees constantly receive kudos. This can take plenty of forms, from an item in the company newsletter or a ceremony or simply a daily greeting. Staff can start looking forward to this support, and even become a little competitive to see who is selected next. Praise can be given in private, which is satisfying, or it can also be given in a public situation, which also can be exciting.

Keep positive.

A supervisor is supposed to lead by example, so this can mean making sure to focus on the good that’s taking place on a regular basis. Employees have enough of their own concerns and stresses, so seeing the boss also full of doubt, uncertainty and even bad thoughts can make life worse. This doesn’t mean to lie and not be honest about the company’s rough patches when they occur, but motivational tips should show that it’s OK to have a good attitude in spite of challenging circumstances.


All motivational tips should include the ability to make sure employees are kept in the loop as much as possible about everything the company is doing.  This makes every worker feel like they’re an important part of the team.

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