Entrepreneurship often leads to a happier and healthier life that allows you to set your own schedule, do something you love, and truly feel like you’re making an impact. However, the path to become a successful entrepreneur is often filled with trying days. Check out these tips to help you keep going when you begin to feel overwhelmed by starting your own business.

Create a List of Goals

Chances are you’ve already created a list of your business goals, but if you feel they are no longer working for you, consider revamping them. The more specific your goals are, the more likely you are to stay motivated on your path to owning your own business. Consider why you want to be your own boss, how you want your product or service to help your community, and whether owning your own business will help you follow your dreams.

Keep a Healthy Routine

Stress and a lack of sleep are common when you’re starting a new business but doing your best to keep a healthy routine makes it easier for you to keep up with your business endeavors. By ensuring you eat nutritious foods, get regular exercise, spend time outdoors and in the sunlight, and take days off to focus on hobbies unrelated to your business, you help to keep yourself in optimal mental and physical health.

Start Every Day the Same Way

Starting each day in the same way will help you to remain productive as you work toward entrepreneurship. Shower and get dressed like you’re going to a traditional job each day, and then sit down to a healthy breakfast with plenty of protein, which will keep your energy up. After you eat, create a list of goals for the day. On average, aim for 2-3 business goals and 1-2 personal goals to help you stay organized without feeling overwhelmed. Examples include working on your business blog, contacting potential partners, and spending time with a friend or family member.

Give Yourself Rewards

The old saying go that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Nobody wants to live a dull life. Give yourself small rewards each time you accomplish a business-related goal of substance. This could be as simple as dinner from your favorite restaurant or as elaborate as a week-long vacation to a spot you’ve always wanted to go.

Above all else, don’t beat yourself up. Entrepreneurship is not a linear road. There will be ups and downs no matter what you do, so be sure to take time to regroup and rest when you need it. Doing so will ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running when you begin to work toward your next business goal.