Customer Retention: How to Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a strategy for profit growth. Why? Because loyal customers can generate up to ten times the value of their first purchase.

Customer retention – getting your customers to make another purchase from you — is a starting point for creating loyalty.  Several sources show a single-digit gain in retention has a high double-digit impact on company profits, with Bain & Company research from several years ago demonstrating a 5% increase in retention delivers a +75% growth in profit.

Getting a second purchase means you’re improving customer retention, but becoming a customer’s first choice, for every purchase, every time, is true loyalty.

Staying Connected with Customers After Purchase

Organizations focusing on near-term revenue can struggle with building customer loyalty. These companies may successfully capture first purchases but have a weak plan to support customers after their purchase, reducing the likelihood of repeat business.

Research shows a positive purchase experience and satisfaction with the product or service doesn’t guarantee loyalty if the post-purchase experience doesn’t meet expectations:

• 82% of customers won’t do business with you again after a bad post-purchase experience.

• 60% will try a new company for better customer service

• 79% say having positive post-purchase interactions is important for a memorable experience.

Tactics for Building Customer Relationships:

While these tips may be common sense, research from suggests the fundamentals aren’t always part of the selling process.  Small businesses outperform larger organizations with basic follow-ups such as:

• saying thank-you,

• checking-in with customers after purchase, and

• understanding customer expectations and anticipating needs

To build loyalty, develop a customer-centric post-purchase plan focused on:

• resolving complaints with a solution that satisfies the customer

• personalizing post-purchase contacts, using the customer’s name and referencing specific transactions

• providing tools for the customer to use to connect with you, including access to a real customer service representative

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